Foresight Cyber partners with Hardenize


We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership for foresight Cyber: Hardenize. We have been working with Hardenize for few months now to fully understand their product and be able not just resell but also configure and manage as a service for our clients.

Joint PR statement:

‘Foresight Cyber is a valuable partner for Hardenize due to their experience and knowledge of our software,’ said Ivan Ristić, founder of Hardenize. ‘We’re looking forward to working with them as we continue to build on the momentum of our growth in the last year. Their expertise in delivering cyber security services will be a significant value-add to those wanting to get the best value from our software.’
— Vladimir Jirasek, CEO and Founder Foresight Cyber & Ivan Ristić, CEO & `Founder Hardenize

Foresight Cyber will be releasing a service description and associated datasheet in next few days.