Having a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer should be on every organisation’s wish list.

Management teams need the support of a CISO or ISO to ensure their organisation’s security is robust enough to combat cyber attacks and that it is meeting legislative, regulatory and corporate obligations. 

But what if your business doesn’t have the budget to employ your own CISO or ISO? Or your business’s needs don’t warrant creating a permanent role?

This is where Foresight Cyber can help, by providing you with an outsourced CISO.

Our CISOs have a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge to help your organisation, whatever your size or sector and they have all held CISO positions in medium to large enterprises.

Our security specialists offer a service tailored exactly to your organisation’s needs: a single point of contact for all information security matters, from business to boardroom.

Our Outsourced CISO service includes:

  • Regular meetings with your senior management team to understand the business strategy

  • Assessment of current cyber and information security threats, devising an appropriate risk profile

  • A cyber security strategy, covering potential threats and new regulatory obligations, reviewed six-monthly

  • An appropriate information security programme to support the security strategy

  • Selection, design, implementation and, where appropriate, operation of cyber security technologies

  • Creation of process definitions, measures/KPIs and reporting elements

  • Product applicable regulatory reporting

If you would like to talk about our Outsourced CISO service, please get in touch.