Company structure

Foresight Cyber Ltd was incorporated on 6th April 2009 as Your Security Online Ltd with company number assigned 06871193. Over years the name was changed twice when finally in 2018 the company name Foresight Cyber was established. The company details in the UK Companies house are here: Foresight Cyber Ltd is registered as a data processor with the UK Information Commission Office under number 00011202777.

All business activities, intellectual property, contracts with partners and clients are owned by Foresight Cyber Ltd.

The wholly owned subsidiary was formed in Czech republic in 2017 as Jirasek Security Operations s.r.o (denominated Limited structure) and changed the name to Foresight Cyber s.r.o. in 2018. The complete details of the Czech subsidiary can be found here.

Our principles

  • We are honest to our customer and prospects - honesty always wins in the long run

  • We protect our clients’ data and information from as if it was our own

  • We assume good intent unless proven otherwise

  • We treat everyone in our team and our clients with respect, regardless of their gender, sex orientation, faith, race or political views

  • We are proactive, taking the initiative: asking for forgiveness later rather than prior permission

Finance and Company accounting

Company contracts two accountants, one in the UK and one in the Czech republic, to ensure our bookkeeping and accounting satisfies stringent UK and CZ requirements.

UK Accountant: Clare Lichfield,

CZ Accountant: Veronika Jancarova,

Key personnel

Vladimir Jirasek - Founder & CEO, company director, LinkedIn:

Lukas Macura - CTO, company director, LinkedIn:

Business Insurance

Our business is fully insured through Hiscox. The details of our insurance:

  • Professional Indemnity - level of cover £5m

  • Public and products liability insurance - level of cover £5m (each and every claim or loss, excluding defence costs and criminal proceedings costs)

  • Employers’ liability insurance - level of cover £10, the minimum amount of cover provided by the policy is no less than £5 million

  • Cyber and data insurance - level of cover £100k

Standard Terms & Conditions

Our T&C have been prepared by experts from, a Czech based legal company.

They also prepared a GDPR addendum to satisfy requirements presented by EU GDPR.

Information Security

Foresight Cyber Ltd has been holding Cyber Essentials Plus certificate since 2017. We present our latest Cyber Essentials certificate. Please contact us to request previous certificates.

Reporting security incidents and vulnerabilities

Security incidents and vulnerabilities in software are inevitable. Our company is prepared to receive responsibly disclosed incidents related to Foresight Cyber and vulnerabilities in our software.

Reporting process:

  • Send us an email to security AT

  • You may use our GPG keyID AD911F25 with fingerprint F96D 99AE C0F7 0517 A0EA  8A88 E428 5E01 AD91 1F25 The key has been uploaded to GPG key servers

  • Your email will be routed to our Security team and you will receive an email with a ticket number

  • Someone from the Security team will be in touch within 2 working days