If you run an organisation with more than one site – perhaps you have multiple sites – with a networked IT system you’ll want to be sure it is secure and that you’re following best practice.

As with our Vulnerability Management service, we look at your network and pinpoint potential areas of weakness. Our two services – Vulnerability Management and Network Security Compliance – often run hand-in-hand.

Whatever the size of your network – accessed by 50, 500, or 50,000 staff – you’ll want to ensure that not only is it hard to crack but, should a cyber-criminal penetrate, damage is limited.

We liken it to having fire doors in a building: if hackers gain access through the external door, they can’t jump from office to office, or department to department. We call it segmentation – you might call it peace of mind.

If your organisation relies on a network and you’re concerned about its safety being compromised, please get in touch with the Foresight Cyber team to talk about Network Security Compliance.

We partner with leading cyber security software providers, including Skybox, Qualys and Hardenize, only selecting the software solution that best suits your cyber security needs.