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Office365 Migration


Technical management of Skybox servers and collectors, ensuring the application is available, updated/upgraded and with adequate capacity. This service is aligned with the former Skybox AMS delivering seamless transition from Skybox AMS into a more advanced service.

  • Operating system management - full management of operating system running Skybox server(s) and collector(s) application, ensuring they are managed correctly and up-to-date

  • Availability and capacity management - monitoring of Skybox servers and collectors using the Foresight Cyber Platform

  • Skybox software updates - our teams monitor for applicable Skybox application releases and initiate an update process aligned to a client’s change management requirements.

  • Licence monitoring & management - We monitor the number of objects in the model, comparing to purchased licences. When a threshold is reached (typically 80%) the client is notified.

  • Backup and Restore - We ensure that the Skybox data, scripts and any other files required for the Skybox application are properly backed up. The restore is tested annually.

  • User & Access Management - Our service builds on the initial setup and ensures that organisational changes are correctly reflected in the Skybox user access control design.

Office365 Security Assessment



  • Industry best practice security assessment

  • Covers identity, Device, and Data Office365 hardening

  • Length of the assessment depending on number of accounts in Office365

  • Review by industry leading experts

  • Quantitative risk driven report with detailed remediation recommendations

Office 365 Security monitoring



  • Includes monthly Office365 Security assessment posture snapshot

  • Using Foresight Cyber Platform ™ to monitor all security events in Office365

  • User accounts monitored based on their business criticality

  • Alerts automatically created when a condition is met and the alerts are investigated by our experienced SOC analysis

Office365 Management

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