The risks of falling victim to a cyber attack are all too real, as many businesses – including high profile organisations – will testify.

Whatever the size of your organisation – a law firm with a team of 50, or a manufacturing giant – vigilance and monitoring is key, as cyber criminals become ever more sophisticated.

One way to reduce the risk of cyber-crime is through vulnerability management.

It may surprise you to learn, the time your organisation is most vulnerable is after a software provider, like Microsoft, issues security patches.

Any time lag between patch issue and patch installation provides a window of opportunity for the unscrupulous cyber-criminal, because patch issues alert rogues to a vulnerability.

So how can outsourcing your organisation’s vulnerability management keep you safe?

We will:

  • Monitor security patch issues, identifying which are relevant to your organisation and systems and which aren’t

  • Instruct your IT teams and service providers to install those patches immediately, so shutting down that window of opportunity for a cyber attack

  • Connect your patch management process to our vulnerability management process.

Vulnerability management is an area of weakness in many organisations. They are either slow to install the patches or – overwhelmed by the sheer volume – fail to install the correct ones, or to install any.

If you feel your organisation is at risk due to poor or absent vulnerability management and would like to talk to Foresight Cyber about our solution, please get in touch with the team.

We partner with leading cyber security software providers, including Skybox, Qualys and Hardenize, only selecting the software solution that best suits your cyber security needs.

Threat and vulnerability process

Threat and vulnerability process