Are you worried your business is at risk from cybercrime?

What would you stand to lose if the worse happened and you went offline?

Are you leaving your cyber security to chance?

At Foresight Cyber, we lead the way in protecting our clients and managing their cyber security, through our expertise and the partnerships we have with renown cyber security software vendors.

From legal and accountancy practices to corporate giants, we are experienced professionals and trusted advisers, who provide a first-class service and give our clients peace of mind.

Cyber Security Assessment

We will look for any issues that may lead to a cyber security breach, in a three-step process.

  • People - we look at your people and test the chances of them being taken in by a cybercriminal. It may alarm you to know some 60% of your staff are likely to be fooled!

  • Processes - we look at your operations, policies and procedures. What is your protocol for handling a breach? Do you have a chain of command?

  • Technology - we use our technology solutions to assess your technical controls and inventory of your hardware, software and systems. What assets do you have? How up-to-date are they? Is your technology able to recognise an ongoing cyber attack?

Vulnerability Management

How can outsourcing your organisation’s vulnerability management keep you safe? We will:

  • Monitor security patch issues, identifying which are relevant to your organisation and systems and which aren’t

  • Instruct your IT teams and service providers to Install those patches immediately, so shutting down that window of opportunity for a cyber attack

  • Connect your patch management process to our vulnerability management process.

Network Security Compliance

We look at your network and pinpoint potential areas of weakness.

Our two services – Vulnerability Management and Network Security Compliance – often run hand-in-hand.

Whatever the size of your network – accessed by 50, 500, or 50,000 staff – you’ll want to ensure that not only is it hard to crack but, should a cybercriminal penetrate, damage is limited.


We have worked with Foresight Cyber since 2016. Their work has been professional, precise and exceeded expectations.
— CISO, a semi-conductor company
Their professional and managed services have helped us secure and retain business with FTSE 100 companies.
— CTO, Cortexica