What is Skybox Security

An integrated platform designed to put security into context: through its various solutions it transforms vast amounts of data into meaningful and manageable information. The approach:

  • Total attack surface visibility and intelligence

  • One platform to solve many challenges—vulnerabilities, threats, firewalls and compliance

  • Proven enterprise scalability and performance

Skybox and Foresight Cyber

As a certified Premier service partner, Foresight Cyber delivers Skybox design and implementation projects; complemented by our Skybox Management Services bringing complete piece of mind to enterprises concerned about and challenged with appropriate skills and resources - essential for the delivering value of Skybox investment.

Our in-house developed 'Foresight Security Platform' leverages data from Skybox Security and delivers constant knowledge of security posture. Continuously updated views are essential in helping organisations comply with regulatory obligations, assist in cyber defence activities, and aid compliance with internal policies and standards.

Why choose us

  • No able to meet demanding business requirements

  • Lack of resources and skills in operating the Skybox platform to maximise the return on investment, certainly when compared to the size of the Skybox deployment

  • Uncertainty whether or not the platform is operating optimally

  • Limited use of new features available from the existing service or a wider range

“Foresight Cyber is an extremely strong partner for Skybox due to their experience and knowledge of our platform,” said Uri Levy, VP of worldwide channels for Skybox Security. “We’re looking forward to working with them as we continue to build on the momentum of our triple-digit growth in the last year. Their expertise in delivering services for our solution will be a huge value-add to those organizations that may not have the resources to manage our platform on their own.”
— Uri Levy, VP of worldwide channels for Skybox Security

Consultancy & Deployment

  • Stakeholder requirements capture and fulfillment

  • Project Management

  • Bespoke and enhanced reporting

Health Check

  • Technology & process review

  • Review of business and technology integration

  • Identify opportunities to maximise the ROI

Our Skybox Management Services

  • OS and Skybox software updates

  • Capacity and Availability management

  • Keep the lights on

  • Maintain Skybox asset and network model aligned to client’s CMDB

  • Ensure correct and reliable analysis

  • Orchestrate remediations and report on progress

  • Monitor risks of firewall change requests


Complete Skybox Services

Fully functioning, updated and performing Skybox Security platform with all licensed modules

Accurate results generated by Skybox software ensured by having accurate, up-to- date network, asset and vulnerability data in the Skybox model

Integration to other client’s IT and security systems delivering great ROI

Remediation orchestration